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Do you need an approved credit card on the spot to shop in stores and online stores? In times of crisis, where money is short, nothing bad to have a card at your disposal to use when you want. Now if you have urgency and do not want to wait until the approval comes out, it is best to opt for a credit card that is approved on time. So how to get it?

Well, getting a credit card that is released and approved on time is not like a traditional card. In general, the release and approval of a card goes through some analysis in the credit of the applicant, after which, the plastic is made and sent to the applicant.

It is worth mentioning that credit card interest currently exceeds 330% per year, and many people are unable to pay the full bill, either by paying only the minimum or by repaying the debt with still high interest rates. If you default and be registered at SPC and Serasa as debtor, you will end up being even more restricted the opening and approval of any other type of credit in the square. However, some banking and financial options make the credit card without consultation in the name and still approve on time. Want to know what they are?


Where to get approved credit card on the spot?


Where to get approved credit card on the spot?

If you are in need of a credit card urgently, it further complicates if you need to wait a few days for approval. So one tip is to opt for the credit cards of stores that you can get them right away. In addition to the Renner, Riachuelo, C & A, Pernambucanas, Marisa and others cards, we have selected a few options:

Ibi: With this financial it is possible to have a credit card on time. IbiCred already counts more than two million clients that contract their services. This card is also called an ibiCard and will be ready in a few minutes. With it you can carry out various services such as: payment of bills, recharge of cellular, installment of your invoice up to 10 times, among other services.

Uber : the company known for offering affordable travel to the public, launched in 2017 the Uber Visa Card , a credit card with no annual fee, in partnership with Barclays. Still undated to be used in Brazil, it has been working in the United States since November offering many advantages. But it will not be long and soon it will be here too, so it’s good to keep an eye out.

To request serviceability, those interested should sign up for the website or application. Once authorized, it appears in your application. Subsequently, the physical credit card will be sent to the user’s address, within a period of seven to ten days. But through the application and can manage all your purchases and invoices, which makes this utility very simple and practical.

Inter Bank: This offers many advantages when requesting your card. One is that you do everything at home yourself, you do not have to move to the bank. When you apply for it you receive a multiple card (debit and credit) from the international MasterCard, with no annuity, neither on the card nor on the bank account.

And the best thing about Banco Inter, is that with this card there is no need to prove income, and it is even allowed to have restrictions in SPC or Serasa. This makes the approved credit card application much easier on the spot. Of course, if you have a clean name, chances are that it will be approved on time.


Tips for Getting Approved Credit Card


Tips for Getting Approved Credit Card


Have you ever had the experience of not having an approved credit card at the time ? Many people have even said the following: “I have a clean name, but I can not get a card.” What is it that disturbs you?

It is worth mentioning that when you request this service, the bank does an analysis, before approving your request, and depending on your case, may have the credit card denied. No doubt it’s easier to get a credit card today.

I do not even have to leave the house. It is possible to make a request through the internet. In this case it is necessary to make the request, fill out the form and wait for the analysis of the bank, which may take a few hours, and depending on the bank days.

Some tips are important for those looking for credit card released on time. First, choose a card that has your profile . For example, if you do not work, there are financiers who release cards without proof of income, while others do not.

It is interesting to have the name clean, this gives more reliability to the financial institution. Remember in practice: how will you lend money to a friend if he already owes it to others? Another issue is to enter the data in the form correctly for a good relationship with the banks. Never lie or omit data.

Beware of credit cards

Beware of credit cards

Without a doubt, the credit card is a very good experience and makes our day to day easier. But before leaving by requesting the same, make sure you have the conditions to pay, and organize. Never let a portion win. This can make you in debt and not what you want, is not it?

Learn to take advantage of the best ways to use credit card in your favor. Use with conscience and manage the accounts well! With the tips, you can now order yours and go shopping or paying bills!

There are other credit card options for negativado and for those who have low score like: card Saraiva, My Pag, Original and BMG. Choose what is best for you. Good luck.


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